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Light Cleaning

Light cleaning and housekeeping includes tasks like:

  • Sweeping/mopping floors

  • Vacuuming around furniture

  • Wiping down counters

  • Washing and putting away dishes

  • Cleaning bathrooms

  • Cleaning kitchen

  • Taking out trash

  • Changing sheets and making beds

  • Dusting open surfaces​

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning includes everything included in a light clean PLUS:

  • Cleaning hard to reach ledges, windows, light fixtures, in and above cabinets, all the places that are hard to reach during your normal cleaning routine.​

Light Cleaning
Deep Cleaning


Whether you're moving into a new space, or out of an old. We're here to make sure things are spotless.

  • Cleaning appliances​ (oven, fridge, microwave etc.)

  • Dusting ceiling fans

  • Wiping down baseboards

  • Scrubbing bathtubs and showers

  • Sweeping and mopping the floors

  • Vacuuming and carpet cleaning

Organization & Sorting

Looking to organize a room or area of your house? We can come in and get your space functional and organized for you. Places we organize include:

  • Room

  • Garage

  • Shed

  • Basement

  • House

  • Yard

  • We also remove and dispose of old appliances

move in / out
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